How to Claim a Directory Listing

The Vacationer Directory is pre-loaded with a number of listings from around the US and the World. These will continue to grow in time and will be updated regularly.

This page will walk you through the easy process of claiming an existing listing. If you cannot find your listing, start a new listing by clicking Add Listing on the Directory homepage.

Claiming Your Listing

  1. Get ready to claim or submit a listing by registering for an account
  2. Find your listing using the search tools on the Directory
  3. Click Claim Listing, your pre-registered details will show up, then click Claim Listing again 
  4. Select which package you require and then click ‘Continue to Checkout’
  5. Process your payment 
  6. Return to your account page – find your listing and click edit 
    1. Category selection – check your listing’s category and change it if needed 
    2. Listing information – add your additional detail including social media, description and more on this page. Check the ‘Enable Manual Listing Location’ box to drag the pin on Google Maps to your precise location
    3. Listing images – add images and reorder on this page 
    4. Click save changes 
  7. Congratulations, your listing and plan are in for approval – please wait 48 hours for this to be confirmed and your listing to show