Do you fancy yourself a travel influencer? Or perhaps you just want to share your experience as a queer traveler – the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all? Well, AtlasGuru might be the site for you.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused the unfortunate travel recession, launched a beta version of a user-generated travel publishing platform where hundreds of travelers documented and shared their favorite travel itineraries. It was all for free! Even with COVID lockdowns, steadily grew and is coming out of its beta phase with 600+ itineraries for destinations, including France, Italy, Tunisia, Mongolia, and Zambia as well as lesser-known locations like Suriname and Reunion Island.


AtlasGuru’s mission is to provide unbiased travel itineraries and insights from real travelers, and it features a diverse global community of devoted and active adventurers. The site is a destination for both travelers who want an easy way to share and document their journeys, and for people who want to learn from them.

Admittedly though, it could use more queer-lensed travel content, but that’s where you come in! You can become one of more than 175 travel authors and provide your unique LGBTQ+ perspective on the site. Social media influencers have gone on record to say that they prefer AtlasGuru’s easy-to-use free platform to publish top-tier content without the constant upkeep of a blog.

“I wanted a place to share my most recent trip for my Instagram followers, but I’m not at all interested in creating and maintaining a blog. It’s ridiculously easy with AtlasGuru to tell my travel stories and share with my Instagram following,” said Daniel Martin, a queer traveler and influencer.

AtlasGuru is unique in that it provides different perspectives from hundreds of travelers, with a consistent layout designed to provide critical context, such as a detailed itinerary map, photos of each location, and a Q&A section to highlight the good and bad of the trip. The results are presented in a polished, editorial-style experience that goes far beyond the hotel and restaurant reviews found in most booking-centric travel sites.

Take a look for yourself and sign up for a free account here.