Foodies looking for a soul food fix can now follow classically-trained Black chef Alisa Reynolds on Searching for Soul Food, where she travels the globe looking for the best and most flavorful comfort food. 

Currently streaming on Hulu, the new food and travel series features rock star celebrity chef, Alisa Reynolds, as she discovers what soul food looks like around the world. As she seeks out the food, she also explores the stories, the people, and the traditions of each place she visits, bringing her own flavor right along with her. The international journey finds Chef Reynolds exploring the culinary worlds of Mississippi, Oklahoma, Appalachia, South Africa, Italy, Jamaica, Peru, and Los Angeles. 

Get a taste of Chef Alisa’s series and check out the trailer below!

Searching for Soul Food Season 1 Episode Descriptions

Episode 101 – Mississippi
Chef Alisa Reynolds, French-trained with a soul food foundation, returns to the roots of the soul food story with a journey to Mississippi to uncover the origins and legacy of this American cuisine. 

Episode 102 – Oklahoma
Chef Alisa heads to Oklahoma to meet and eat with Native Americans who are reconnecting to their heritage by restoring and reclaiming their food.

Episode 103 – Appalachia
Chef Alisa heads to the hills to uncover the heart and humanity beneath the stereotypes and behind the food of people in Appalachia.

Episode 104 – Cape Town, South Africa
On her first-ever trip to The Motherland, Chef Alisa cooks and eats her way through Cape Town, a city with a complex culture of food formed by an even more complicated history.

Episode 105 – Naples, Italy
Chef Alisa experiences the passion of Neapolitans for the dish, perfected by its poorest people, that became one of the most beloved comfort foods in the world. 

Episode 106 – Portland, Jamaica
In Jamaica’s Portland parish, Chef Alisa leaves the beaches for higher ground to uncover the little-known story of resistance behind one of Jamaica’s most iconic foods.

Episode 107 – Lima, Peru
Chef Alisa dives into the diverse cultures that combined their culinary traditions with the natural bounty of Peru to elevate Lima into one of the culinary capitals of the world. 

Episode 108 – Los Angeles
She’s been around the world and back again, and now Chef Alisa is seeing her own city with new eyes as she returns to the roots of LA food culture to find the source of its soul. 

You can stream the entire first season of Searching for Soul Food on Hulu. You can also follow Chef Alisa Reynolds on Instagram and Twitter!