We’re excited to celebrate Christopher Street Day this summer in Berlin, especially now that fully vaccinated travelers from the U.K. and U.S. can visit Germany and are no longer required to follow additional entry measures. 

The Robert Koch Institute, the German body responsible for disease prevention and control, has removed the two countries from the high-risk list. So, if travelers can show proof that they have been vaccinated, they will be exempt from COVID entry protocols and the quarantine requirement. 

In a recent statement, the German Federal Ministry of Health said, “Residents of other non-EU countries are only permitted to enter Germany if they serve in an important role or if they have an urgent need to travel or if they are fully vaccinated.” 

Unvaccinated travelers from the U.K. and the U.S. can enter Germany only for absolutely essential purposes provided that they present a negative test result taken 48 hours prior to their arrival and they must follow a 10-day quarantine requirement.

On the other hand, travelers who have been fully vaccinated are permitted entry for all kinds of purposes without having to follow other rules.

Under the European Union’s recommendation, you are considered fully vaccinated if you’ve completed your primary vaccination within the last nine months (270 days) before visiting Germany. If you’ve been vaccinated more than nine months ago, you’ll need an additional vaccine dose or booster shot in order for your vaccination card, certificate, or pass to remain valid to enter the country.

The German authorities have explained that children between zero to five years old and unvaccinated six to 11-year-olds can enter Germany, too, provided that they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent.

The Federal Government’s Council of Experts said the easing of restrictions The new “relaxed” guidelines are the result has been due to the decrease in the number of hospitalizations. 

For LGBTQ+ travelers heading to Germany for Berlin Pride, don’t expect the normal crowds of queer revelers this year. Contrary to tradition, Pride will take place as a small protest march, while the party aspect of the annual event will take a backseat. 

Anyone can take part in Christopher Street Day, but all participants at the march are required to wear a mask. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to drink or eat during the procession. Organizers are kindly asking people to briefly leave the march if they want to eat, drink, or smoke. 

Speaking of Pride… If you want to celebrate Pride on a beach, consider joining the Big Fab Pride Trip to Cancun, Mexico in May!