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Gibraltar is a Perfect LGBTQ+ Wedding and Honeymoon Spot – Here’s Why!

In recent years, and especially during the pandemic, the British territory of Gibraltar has become an ideal place for a destination wedding including LGBTQ+ couples, and there are many reasons why it’s a popular place to tie the knot. 

The warm, sunny town located at the southernmost tip of Spain is known for its great weather, its historic monuments, and the Rock of Gibraltar, the monolithic limestone that served as a strategic military base primarily during the War of Spanish Succession, and now, it is a popular landmark for visitors to enjoy the stunning views from the top and see the popular Barbary Macaques, who call the rock home.

A Barbary Macaque on the Rock of Gibraltar (Photo Credit: Unsplash/Lucas Cleutjens)

In addition to its historic sights and landmarks, Gibraltar has also become a popular destination for LGBTQ+ couples, especially after making same-sex marriage legal on December 15, 2016. Getting married in Gibraltar is fairly easy. Make sure you have a birth certificate with both parents’ full names. Regardless of where you’re from, you can get married in less than 36 hours! In fact, it’s so easy to get married that celebrities – including actor Sean Connery, Princess Di and (now) King Charles, and Beatles legend John Lennon and Yoko Ono – have exchanged wedding vows here.

Gibraltar is Perfect for an LGBTQ Wedding and Honeymoon
(Photo Credit: Unsplash/Michal Mrozek)

In September 2020, I married my British partner, Glen, in Gibraltar during the pandemic. We didn’t have many options. So, I’m from America and at that time I was visiting the UK. Because of COVID travel restrictions, I wasn’t allowed to travel to other countries in Europe, my British partner wasn’t able to travel to America, and the waiting list for weddings in the UK was booked until March of 2021. We wanted to get it done quickly since we weren’t sure how long travel restrictions would be in effect, and I didn’t want to go back to the U.S. without us being legally married. We also didn’t have much money at the time, so being able to do this inexpensively was a plus. 

Gibraltar is Perfect for an LGBTQ Wedding and Honeymoon
Kyle Jackson (left) and his partner, Glen (right) on their Wedding Day, September 26, 2020. (Photo Credit: Sweet Gibraltar Weddings)

We were allowed to travel to Gibraltar because it is a UK territory, making it an ideal location for our wedding. Our wedding destination also doubled as the perfect honeymoon spot, too!

As someone who has experienced this process, I’m going to provide some great tips and advice so you and your spouse-to-be can plan your wedding and honeymoon in Gibraltar.

Get Your Documents Together
(Photo Credit: Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema)

In order to get married in Gibraltar, you need to have a birth certificate. If you’ve been married before, you need to have proof of a divorce or annulment, or a death certificate for your previous spouse. Along with this, you need to have a reservation at a hotel in Gibraltar and a letter from management proving that you have been in Gibraltar at least a day before your wedding has been scheduled. Regardless of where you’re from, if you have this information, you can legally get married in Gibraltar. Click HERE for a full list of requirements.

Use Airbnb
(Photo Credit: Airbnb)

For us, Airbnb was a great option. We were able to find a nice, large two-bedroom suite for just $50 a day! There are some fantastic Airbnb options in Gibraltar, and because Gibraltar is very hilly, many of them have amazing views. You should consider choosing accommodations with picturesque views not only for your own personal enjoyment but because they provide such a great backdrop for those Instagram-worthy pre-wedding pictures!  

Choose Your Witnesses
Gibraltar is Perfect for an LGBTQ Wedding and Honeymoon
Dwayne & Sebastian’s Witnesses, February 11th, 2023. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Sweet Gibraltar Weddings)

As with most weddings, you will need at least two witnesses to sign your marriage certificate. We were able to get witnesses through Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, a wedding planning service that we used. However, you may want to think about having at least two friends with you to serve as witnesses, especially if you’re plan is to elope or have a very small, intimate ceremony. However, if you’re having a big, grand Gay Cinderella-style wedding, then this shouldn’t be an issue! 

Consult a Wedding Planner Service
Gibraltar is Perfect for an LGBTQ Wedding and Honeymoon
Dwayne & Sebastian’s Wedding, February 11th, 2023 (Photo Credit: Facebook/Sweet Gibraltar Weddings)

There are a few prominent wedding planning services in Gibraltar, but Sweet Gibraltar Weddings handled all of our plans, so I’d recommend them. Getting married in Gibraltar is already very easy, but I can honestly say that Sweet Gibraltar Weddings made it even easier. From start to finish, they handle everything for you so you don’t have to deal with all of the other paperwork involved. All you have to focus on is to show up and get married!

Sweet Gibraltar Weddings has a wide range of packages, that range from about £500 (USD $620) to about £2,000 (USD $2,480). At the time, COVID had us and many others in a financial bind, so we purchased one of their cheapest packages. To make things even more affordable, they offered to cut costs if we took our own photos to avoid hiring a photographer. We saved £100 (USD $125) more by doing this.

Go to the Top of the Rock
Gibraltar is Perfect for an LGBTQ Wedding and Honeymoon

On the day of our wedding, we decided to take a few pics and selfies atop the Rock of Gibraltar. A cable car takes you all the way up to the Top of the Rock, and once you’re there, the views from the top are absolutely gorgeous! Gibraltar is located near the southern tip of Spain which means that you pretty much get to view where Africa, Spain, and the Mediterranean connect. I have to say, I was not ready for all that beauty. 

The Rock of Gibraltar is famous for the monkeys, specifically the Barbary Macaques. Seeing them up close and personal is such a unique experience. But don’t forget, this is their home! You’re advised to not startle them by approaching them too quickly and suddenly (only if invited). Keep your bags closed and phones out of view when they aren’t being used. You may just get robbed by a monkey. It’s happened before!

Visit the Beach
Sandy Bay in Gibraltar (Photo Credit: The Elliott Hotel)

What’s a honeymoon without a beach? There are six main beaches in Gibraltar: Catalan Bay, Eastern Beach, Western Beach, Camp Bay, Little Bay, and Sandy Bay. My partner and I visited Sandy Bay. The water is so clear, that you can see fish swimming at your feet. We went there in September, and though it was warm, the water was very cold when we got in. But don’t worry, once your body adjusts to the temperature, you’re all set. 

Gibraltar is Perfect for an LGBTQ Wedding and Honeymoon
Sandy Bay in Gibraltar (Photo Credit: Kyle Jackson)

The good thing about Gibraltar is that, because of its location, the beaches don’t seem as busy as they do in Spain. This isn’t because Gibraltar isn’t beautiful or as popular as Spain. In fact, 12 million people visit Gibraltar every year. So, it is a popular travel destination Gibraltar is popular, but it definitely has a very homey and hospitable vibe. You don’t have to fight crowds at the beach especially when you go for a swim.

Visit Gibraltar’s Shops and Restaurants on Main Street
Main Street, Gibraltar. (Photo Credit:

Main Street is the most popular section of Gibraltar. The street is packed with local shops and restaurants that are unique to Gibraltar. It’s very romantic especially if you’re thinking about visiting one of the many jewelry shops. 

Kyle and his partner Glen snap a selfie on Main Street. (Photo Credit: Kyle Jackson and Glen Kind)

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner, you’re definitely in the right place! Because of Gibraltar’s geographical location, you can find just about any type of cuisine you desire, from Spanish Tapas and Mediterranean dishes to Egyptian cuisine and British fry-ups. It’s all there along Main Street. While there, my partner and I enjoyed dinner at Latinos Bistro. The food was magnificent, and not very expensive either. They have a menu full of cocktails, beer from local breweries, and wine, and a food menu that has so many great options that I had trouble deciding what to eat. 

Step Back in Time with a History Tour
(Photo Credit:

It’s probably not the most romantic activity, but I’m a history buff, so anyone that’s willing to go on this type of adventure with me will be loved for life! Gibraltar may be a small place, but it’s packed with a lot of unique and interesting history. Go on a one-of-a-kind adventure and take a stroll through more than 37 miles of tunnels within the Rock of Gibraltar, created with only sledgehammers and gunpowder. Go on a fascinating tour of the WWII tunnels, or explore the Great Siege tunnels, while learning all about Gibraltar’s history.

(Photo Credit:

There are several options for walking tours in Gibraltar. Visit one of the many kiosks located along Main Street and tell them what kind of adventure you’d like that day! 

Take A Romantic Walk

Honestly, this may seem like a no-brainer, but I need to say it because you absolutely must do it – go for a walk! Gibraltar is so small (only 2.6 square miles), and you could honestly walk the whole thing several times if you’re a walker like I am. However, the best reason to go walking in Gibraltar is because of its unique architecture and scenery. 

Gibraltar was once part of Spain, so it’s not uncommon to see Spanish architecture, which is, as far as I’m concerned, very romantic. It just feels like you’re walking through a romance novel, and this is definitely the type of energy you want on a honeymoon. 

British Phone Booth and Trash Bin in Gibraltar. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Gibraltar is a British territory, so you see a hint of British culture and flavor in a variety of things, including trash bins, the famous red telephone booths, and other things that are uniquely British. There are other little things to see that make Gibraltar’s architecture unique, such as the way that some building façades, though largely plain, have a rhythmic regularity to them which gives the streets a unique charm. Look for the ordnance-style arched doorways, the Genoese shutters you see on many of the houses, the English regency ironwork balconies; and the Georgian sash and casement windows. All of these things give Gibraltar its distinct allure, and you won’t see anything else like it! 

Be Adventurous, Cross the Border
Tropical Garden with a sea view in Estepona, Spain (Photo Credit: Unsplash/Simon Fevery)

If you want to get married in Gibraltar, then you may want to consider a hop over the border to Spain for your honeymoon! Crossing the border is fairly easy. You can definitely fly to Spain, but most choose to drive, take a bus, or even walk! That’s right… you can walk or drive across the border from Gibraltar into Spain, so it’s probably one of the easiest trips between two countries you’ll ever take while on vacation!

Calle Castaño, Puerto de la Cruz, Casares, Spain. (Photo Credit: Unsplash/Boris Busorgin)

All that being said, you will need important documentation, including your visas, passports, and other necessary travel documents. If you aren’t flying, it is even more important to remember these things. Click here to find out exactly what you need to travel to Spain from Gibraltar.

You’ll be surprised at how many small, beautiful Spanish towns are located near Gibraltar, such as Estepona, Tarifa, Casares, Jerez de La Frontera, and Sotogrande. Each one has its own distinct personality and vibe while maintaining its Spanish flavor. Click here for more travel inspiration and excursions to Spain from Gibraltar. Your trip of a lifetime awaits!

Kyle Jackson

Kyle Jackson is an educator, writer and actor currently spending the bulk of his time between New York, New York and London, England. He is an active member of both the bear and leather communities and is a proud member of the MidAtlantic Chapter of ONYX.

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