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Little Britain in NYC: Get a Taste of Authentic British Culture

In a city as big as New York City and as multicultural as its history, it’s no surprise that elements of the old colonial influence still exist in the city today.

Vacationer’s companion web series, Check Your Luggage, kicks off this week with a fun itinerary of British things to do in New York, from Afternoon tea to double-decker buses, from fish and chips to the best “Cuppa” to be found outside of the United Kingdom itself – where apparently, it’s all about the water temperature.

So, what is considered British in New York and why is it here? Well, the fact is that the histories of Britain and the United States are linked, and that cross-country bond exists today. As many as 34,000 UK-born Brits live and work in New York, and like so many cities, some authentic culture comes with that. Hoorah!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite British things to do and see in New York.

Justin T Russo with Sean Kavanagh-Dowsett & Nicky Perry, owners of Carry On Tea & Sympathy (Photo Credit: Catalin Stelian)

Carry on Tea & Sympathy

As a Brit, living in New York for nearly seven years now, I believe finding Carry on Tea & Sympathy has been a joy! Finding my favorite treats like real Dairy Milk – believe me, British Dairy Milk is different – when you don’t get home much can be a true comfort. And at Christmas time, when I go mad for Quality Street, Christmas crackers, and things like HP sauce and lots of Dairy Milk, I can pop by this local shop for a taste of what it feels like home and spending Christmas with beloved family. The sweet shop is located between the fish & chip shop, A Salt & Battery, and the original tea shop, Tea & Sympathy. Both serving British cuisine that a true Brit can’t live without. Head down to Greenwich Street in Manhattan for a right British day out, and tell Nicky I sent you. She’ll welcome you with open arms and the comedic charm of a south London pub landlady! It’s what keeps me coming back!

The High Line Hotel

The High Line Hotel

Styled to look like an old English college, this building houses the Episcopalian College as well as the High Line Hotel. The architecture really does remind me of being at the Inns of Court in London or Oxford College. The hotel is cute, centrally located in a nice neighborhood, and it also has a courtyard in the front with a double-decker bus, “Daisy,” where coffee and snacks are served all day long. This is where we interviewed Paul Gauger from Visit Britain on the British episode. If you are planning to head to Blighty, this is the website for all your tourism needs. Thanks, Paul!

The Churchill Tavern NYC

The Churchill Tavern

The Brits sort of invented the pub, and outside of the UK, this Park Ave South pub and restaurant is about as British a pub as you can get. Named after the famed British Prime minister and decorated with pictures of the Queen, the Churchill Tavern reminds me of a London alehouse. The menu is totally English with cottage pie and they have Sunday roasts. If you love football – soccer to Americans – this is the place to follow important matches, too!

Queens Yard British Restaurant

Queens Yard Restaurant

Oh boy, this is fancy British food at its best! Queens Yard Restaurant has an opulent vibe, exceptional service, and it hosts drag shows, too. The dining room offers a cozy but elegant space for dinner and weekend brunch service, while the beautiful bar and lounge is the perfect spot for after-work drinks. Some New Yorkers and well-traveled foodies will appreciate the menu items, such as grilled octopus, foie gras parfait, and irresistible pork wellington tenderloin. It’s where the tastes of NYC and London converge on your plate.

Catch up with Vacationer’s new web series, Check Your Luggage Ep. 1, where host Justin T. Russo takes you to Little Britain in NYC and other fun spots around the city to highlight fabulous Britishness.

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Richard G. Jones, is a Co-Founder of Gray Jones Media, and the Executive Producer of "Check Your Luggage" he loves a good cup of tea, and when possible to travel the world and soak up new experiences.

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