Trumbull is Nestled in the quiet community of Nichols, Conn. It’s home to the Trumford Guest House, an oasis that has been called by visitors, “an ocean of calm in a sea of stress.”

Hosts Robert Bu and Tom Sinclair took four years planning and three years building their cottage and pool in the middle of this historic neighborhood which once was the longest operating farm in the United States. “I was on the road for more than 300 days a year,” Robert says. “Since my time at my own home was so short, I wanted it to feel like a private resort…but in our backyard!”

Robert and Tom painstakingly spent years developing the concept. With Robert’s design experience and Tom’s knowledge of collecting and curating mid-century modern furniture for their antique business, the architecture and concept were carved out on a napkin at a local restaurant. “Believe it or not, when I was in the corporate world, that’s how we started most projects.” The original construction was slated to take a few months. “We changed and added many architectural details as construction took place,”

Tom says. “Our contractor finally began to understand our creative process and our slightly crazy ways.” Robert adds, “We made Matty (the contractor) move the foundation 3/4 of an inch…it wasn’t centered! LOL.” When additional furniture pieces and art were discovered by Tom, plans changed and morphed to what guests experience today. The property is curated with vintage furniture, decor, and art. The concept started with a vintage red enamel fireplace from 1964.

The house has been crafted around that fireplace. Robert, former Vice President of retail chain RH, understands the importance of balance and symmetry. “In design, if there is no balance, people can be put off. Humans inherently understand balance. So when there is none, it becomes chaotic on a subconscious level.” After Robert left the corporate world to solely focus on the antique business with Tom, they decided to join forces with Airbnb and share the house with others. With Robert spending most of his life in a hotel room he was clear on what was 5 star, and what was not. “Cleanliness is the most important thing! If it’s not clean, your guest will wonder what else is wrong with the space.

I clean like Joan Crawford on a bad hair day! I won’t trust it to anyone else.” 464 thread count bed linens, 824-gram Turkish towels, and many other curated amenities are just a few features of this charming gem. “We try to pack as much as we could into this “tiny house” without it feeling cramped. No one wants to be suffocated by “stuff” no matter how luxurious it is.” Trumbull Guest House is not a diamond in the rough, it’s a little jewel nestled into the bucolic suburban countryside of historic Connecticut. Robert and Tom welcome you as their guests.

Trumbull Guest House is listed on Airbnb and it’s only an hour and a half by train or car from Manhattan.