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Visit Keukenhof for the Perfect Springtime Getaway

As Spring kicks into high gear, we at Vacationer think you should take a little time to smell the flowers….literally! After all, there’s no better time to do it; and as far as we’re concerned, no better place to do it, than at Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands.

Lisse is world famous for its gorgeous flower fields and the flower bulbs they export around the globe. The tulip is the number one floral export from the Netherlands and their arrival is one of the hallmarks of Spring. Keukenhof Park is situated on the 79 acres surrounding Keukenhof Castle which was built in 1641. The park as it exists now was established in 1949 by a consortium of bulb growers and flower exporters to showcase their products. It was opened to the public in 1950 and has existed ever since. This year marks the 73rd season at Keukenhof which will feature some 7 million bulbs throughout the grounds. The park opens mid to late March each year and runs through mid-May with peak bloom visibility in mid-April.

The park offers guided tours of the grounds in addition to boating or cycling options. Of course, visitors are welcome to walk the gardens alone at their own pace as well. In this way they can stop to appreciate some of the themed “Inspirational” gardens or explore the bulbs on special display at the four pavilions scattered throughout the park.

Unsurprisingly, the primary flower planted at Keukenhof is the tulip, but the grounds also feature collections of roses, hyacinths, lilies and irises, among many others. They showcase notable blooms at flower shows which are scattered throughout the season. The “Daffodils and Special Bulb show starts April 14th and lasts through the 18th. This is to be followed by a lisianthus show late in the month and a carnation show in mid-May.

We all already know and love the Netherlands for its gay friendly attitude and liberal culture and Keukenhof is just another in a long list of reasons to visit this beautiful country. The park is just 25 miles (40 KM) outside of Amsterdam, so it makes an easy and inexpensive day trip but act fast because the park closes on May 15th.

For more information on Keukenhof visit HERE.

John A. Hernandez

John A. Hernandez is a staff writer for Vacationer and Queer Forty Magazine. He is also a contributor to Bear World Magazine and Gayming Magazine. In his free time he loves to travel and watch as much horror as he can get his hands on. He resides with his husband in New York City.

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