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Britain’s Bone-Chilling Haunted Houses and Ghost Tours

Vacationer is here to spill all the spooky tea about some of the best places to go on ghost hunts and tours, and indulge in the creepiest Halloween experiences. We’ve already given LGBTQ+ travelers a few horror TV and film locations to visit in the U.S., but we also wanted to hop across the Atlantic Ocean and dish about a few not-to-be-missed, jaw-dropping experiences in Britain, from special Halloween events to haunted castles and tours you can visit year-round.

For the Love of Horror (Manchester, England)

At For the Love of Horror, your nerves will be stretched to their very limit as you explore a creepy experience that transforms the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester into a chilling immersive attraction that will make you quake in your boots. Enter the Nightmare Zone, where the most frightening characters from popular horror movies will creepily greet you before you attempt to battle your way through a zombie outbreak. Horror fans will also have a skin-crawling opportunity to cozy up to real-life creatures, such as tarantulas, cockroaches, and snakes.

If you make it past that creepy experience, move to some ghoulish fun at the Mad Monster After Party and check out all the other attractions. Before you go, take an Instagram-worthy pic in the interactive Exorcist photo booth to prove to your friends and family that you survived it all.

Terror Island at Blackgang Chine (Isle of Wight, England)

The Blood Shed at Terror Island (Photo Credit: Terror Island)

The bone-chilling experience isn’t for the faint of heart. Terror Island offers adults three epic mazes, including Amphibious, an ancient lighthouse that’s overrun with vengeful creatures of the deep and evil spirits that won’t leave until they’ve had an adequate supply of souls. The keeper of the lighthouse, Magnus Warden will send guests in to be feasted upon by the horrific sea monsters. Guest can also enter the dark catacombs of Hexcavation, where world-renowned arachnologist, Professor Carter, digs up skeletal remains unleashing an unforgiving ancient curse deep underground. The final maze, Blood Shed, is a decaying mill house where a band of bloodthirsty smugglers has set up their secret hideaway. Be prepared for the encounters with half-eaten residents roaming within the rotting cabins.

Muncaster Castle (Cumbria, England)

Known as one of the most haunted in Britain, Muncaster Castle celebrates the spookiest time of the year in a truly ghostly fashion. Don your best Halloween costume before making your way bravely through the dark and eerie Meadowvole Maze. Be prepared to jump out of your skin as you listen to scary tales of fear and terror, and who knows what you might find lurking in the Ghostly Grotto. If you’re looking for a less-spooky activity, check out the “Emporium of Stolen Souls” Castle Show and fire juggling shows.

Journey to the Underworld (London)

Journey to the Underworld via a unique dining experience (Photo Credit: Funicular Productions)

Are you brave enough to embark on a Journey to the Underworld? This is a journey where you’ll discover the ‘Greatest Love Story Never Told’ at the Pedley Street Station in Shoreditch, east London. Funicular Productions brings to life this immersive dining and theater experience, that starts with eating – what you hope won’t be – your last meal aboard a luxury train. Shackled conductor Claude and his assistant Gordy will lead you and other guests all the way to the Underworld, where you must outsmart the seductive Gatekeeper, the hunched Harbinger, and the damnable Dark One.

The Ancient Ram Inn (Gloucestershire, England)

For nearly 900 years, the Ancient Ram Inn has opened its doors to guests and locals in the Gloucestershire village of Wotton-under-Edge. And throughout its history, there have been rumors of several gruesome and bloodthirsty stories. Not only that but there have also been numerous reports of supernatural sightings and events here, making it a frontrunner as the spookiest house in Britain. If that doesn’t scare you, consider an overnight stay for a ghost hunt. You may find it hard to sleep if you’re anxious about things that go bump in the night. 

Chillingham Castle (Chillingham, Northumberland, England)

Chillingham Castle (Photo Credit: David Clay on Flickr)
Chillingham Castle (Photo Credit: David Clay on Flickr)

Chilling by name and chilling by nature, this 13th-century castle in Northumberland was the scene of bloody battles and eerie intrigue for centuries. The rooms and gardens at Chillingham Castle are lovely places to explore but to properly experience one of the most haunted castles in Britain, head into its Torture Chamber and join an evening Ghost Tour for a more unnerving encounter.

Newton House (Dinefwr, Pembrokeshire, Wales)

Capability Brown is the landscaper for the 18th-century park where the gorgeous Dinefwr Estate resides. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tales of ghosts and ghouls roaming the grounds. Newton House, in the center of the park, has a ghostly visitor every night in the form of Lady Elinor Cavendish. The tale goes that she was betrothed to a man she didn’t love. She tried to escape him by running away to her family in Dinefwr, but her suitor strangled her. Visitors should listen out for muffled voices and watch out for paranormal activity around the servants’ basement.

Glamis Castle (Angus, Scotland)

Glamis Castle in Angus, Scotland (Photo Credit: Thomas H. for Pixabay)

Known as one of the most haunted castles in Scotland, Glamis Castle is a 20-minute drive from Dundee and, incidentally, the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Rumors have spread that the castle is home to many spirits, which makes sense when you learn that it was built in 1372 and was said to have inspired Shakespeare’s Macbeth. With 1,000 years of history, the castle has many spooky tales of historic dark deeds that guests can hear on its ghost tour around Halloween.

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