Tuesday, April 16, 2024

On Airplane Mode’s Kirstie Pike and Christine Diaz Launch a New Podcast

One of Vacationer Magazine’s favorite couples, Kirstie Pike and Christine Diaz (aka On Airplane Mode) just launched a new podcast, “She Comes With Baggage”! The traveling duo is charting a new course to take on the complexities of LGBTQ+ relationships. 

In a world where love isn’t the only thing in the air, “She Comes With Baggage” also explores friendships, family dynamics, and travel experiences. Kirstie and Christine invite listeners to join them in a safe space where they candidly share their own baggage—both the highs and lows—and reflect on how these experiences have shaped their lives. With a combined community of over 650,000 followers via social media, Pike and Diaz’s weekly series promises to bring laughter, relationship insights, and a whole lot of fun.

“Whether you’ve followed us on social media or just stumbled upon us, we’re thrilled to have you join us on this new adventure,” said Kirstie Pike.

Listeners can expect unfiltered conversations that delve into the diverse aspects of LGBTQ+ life. The hosts encourage listeners to subscribe and follow “She Comes With Baggage” on their preferred podcast platform to ensure they don’t miss out on the weekly episodes released every Monday.

“We can’t wait to kick off the week with our listeners and share this unfiltered side of ourselves. This podcast is our way of opening Pandora’s box on all things LGBTQ+,” adds Christine Diaz.

Don’t miss the opportunity to unzip those emotional suitcases with Kirstie and Christine. Subscribe and follow “She Comes With Baggage” on SpotifyAmazon MusiciHeart Radio and YouTube. Join the hosts as they bring an exciting and authentic voice to the LGBTQ+ podcasting landscape.

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About On Airplane Mode

We are Kirstie Pike and Christine Diaz, an award-winning LGBTQ+ travel and lifestyle couple using our platform,  On Airplane Mode (Instagram & TikTok),  to inspire others to follow their passions while celebrating their unique identities. We started our platform to empower women and the LGBTQ+ community to have their voices heard. We are proud to now have one of the largest LGBTQ+ travel platforms in the US with our community of over 650k+ followers. We create unique storytelling content that spotlights the intersections of travel across all verticals in fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and beauty. Our platform offers brands our expertise in social media, influencer consulting and marketing to create impactful campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences and create positive change.

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Vacationer Magazine's writing staff works hard to bring you all the latest LGBTQ travel articles to help inspire and inform.

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