If you’re a queer traveler moving abroad to a fabulous new country, make sure you keep this cool checklist handy! It’ll ensure you don’t forget a few important details that may be essential to your move outside of the United States.

The original list was penned by The Wards, a straight couple that has taught and traveled around the world. Remember regardless of how you identify, you can learn a lot from fellow travelers. Even if some items on the list may not apply to your specific move, it’s definitely a good way to start tailoring your own list that will hopefully create a smooth transition to your new home country.

Moving Abroad Checklist 

60 Days Before Your Move

  • Start packing
  • Obtain a list of medications you need to take every day
  • Fill enough prescriptions for 2 months
  • Renew your local driver’s license (especially if close to the expiration date)
  • Find accommodations for when you arrive
  • Join social groups specific to your new country

30 Days Before Your Move

  • Get your Visa(s)
  • Inform your landlord you are leaving
  • Start setting appointments to disconnect services
  • Register with the US Embassy
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to receive alerts or located in an emergency
  • Forward your mail
  • Change your address
  • Obtain an International Driver’s permit
  • Pay off all bills
  • Notify banks of your move
  • Buy products that aren’t available in your new country
  • Get final medical/dental checkups
  • Obtain a medical certificate if necessary
  • Download/pay for a VPN
  • Check absentee voting requirements

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